Create presentations and video slideshows with Impression FX

Impression FX PRO – simple, quick, and spectacular!

Impression FX PRO is a powerful tool to create impressive and memorable presentations and video slideshows. Impression FX PRO creates a presentation by inserting transition effects between the slides of your source PDF and adding interactive controls. With just one click, the presentation can then be converted to a video file to be viewed on any device, website, or YouTube.
The vast array of easily customizable graphic effects offered by Impression FX PRO means you get a unique result which simply cannot be obtained using any other program or graphics tool.

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What is an Impression FX presentation?

An Impression FX presentation is a standalone multimedia application that does not require installation to be viewed. When Impression FX generates a presentation, it creates a separate folder with two files: the project file ( .ipp) and the IFX player (IFXplayer.exe). To view the presentation, all you have to do is run the IFXplayer.exe file which will automatically play the presentation saved in the same folder. You can view any Impression FX presentation on any computer with Windows OS without having to install Impression FX or any other software.

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Slide transition effects

Impression FX PRO offers you an array of impressive transition effects with a wide variety of designs and themes. These effects mean you can make a sharp and memorable multimedia presentation out of a dull, standard document.
The effects are offered in sets (Effects Sets) – a sequence of similar transitions that can be automatically inserted between a number of slides in a pre-determined sequence. This greatly simplifies the process, shortening the time needed to create a presentation. The transition effect can be customized to each slide to match its style.

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The benefits of the PRO version of Impression FX

The main differences between the PRO and Lite versions of Impression FX are:
1. Adjusting the transition effects individually for each slide.
Each transition between slides can be given its own effect, independent of the other transitions. The color and the speed of the effect can be set up individually. The duration of the display for each slide can also be set individually.
2. Transition effects based on your own images.
Impression FX PRO includes specially developed transition effects that use images chosen by the user. This means you can create transitions, which are unique for each slide, making a perfect match for both content and style.

Easy slide control

Impression FX presentation control is simple and is very similar to PowerPoint presentation control. You can do it using a keyboard, a mouse, a touch screen, or a presenter. Easy navigation allows moving quickly between slides even when the slides are in different parts of the presentation.
Launch a presentation and press the F1 button on your keyboard to see all control features.

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A video in just a few minutes

Any presentation created using Impression FX PRO can be converted to a video by pressing a single button. Creating a FULL HD video takes only a few minutes, even if your computer is slow. The video you get looks extremely vivid and exciting thanks to the impressive transition effects. You can play it on any device or post it on a website or YouTube.

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System requirements

Software requirements:
Windows OS 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 is required to use Impression FX PRO.

Hardware requirements:
DirectX 9-supported video card is required to use Impression FX PRO.
Intel HD 4000 or higher video card is recommended.