Impression FX Lite interface description

There are two versions of Impression FX Lite – one for PowerPoint presentations and one for PDF documents. The version for PowerPoint is a plugin for Microsoft PowerPoint. The PDF version is a standalone program. The features and interface of both versions are practically identical. When you install the PowerPoint version, an Impression FX tab that gives access to the program menu is added to the PowerPoint control panel.

Create Presentation

Create an Impression FX presentation on the basis of slides in the current PowerPoint or PDF document.

Rebuild Presentation (for PowerPoint version only)

Create a presentation on the basis of previously used slides. Use this button if there were no changes made to the current PowerPoint document since the previous Impression FX presentation was created. Using this button may significantly reduce the time it takes to create a presentation, since the slides prepared in the process of generating the previous presentation will be used.

View Last Presentation

View the last Impression FX presentation created for the current document.

Create Video

Open a dialogue window to create a video file.


Select a set of transition effects.


Set up the speed of transition effects.

Elements Color

Set up color of design elements.

Color Preset

Set up a color scheme for transition effects.

Color1 Color2 Color3

Additional color settings for slide transition effects. When you set one of the values for Color preset, it defines the values for Color1, Color2 and Color3. You can also set your own color values for Color1, Color2, Color3 to fine tune the settings of color presets for effects. When you set up the colors for Color1, Color2, Color3 yourself, bear in mind that each color has its own meaning and paints different transition elements.
Use this feature carefully as you can easily get a color combination that does not look good or is not appropriate.

Load & Save user preset

Load/Save the values for Transitions Settings (Effects, Speed, Elements Color, Color1, Color2, Color3).

Slide Time

The length of time during which each slide is viewed in the automatic play mode and in video mode.

Slide Motion (Enable / Disable)

The Slide Motion mode sets up additional slide motion that takes place at the end of a transition effect. Motion time is defined by the Slide Time value. Enabling the Slide Motion mode allows creating a continuous animation of slides in motion and transitions between them, with no static pauses. We recommend using it when showing slides in automatic mode or when converting a presentation to a video.


The slide motion range that is set in percentages of slide size.
The Limit value may be either positive or negative.
Negative Limit value sets slide size changes from (100 - Limit)% to 100%.
Positive Limit value sets slide size changes from 100% to (100 + Limit)%.

Background Color

The color of background at the time the slide is growing. The background is only visible if the Limit value is negative.


Show Help page.
(Located in the Help/View Help menu in the Impression FX Lite version for PDF)


Show About the Program window.
(Located in Help/About Impression FX menu in the Impression FX Lite version for PDF)


Show the Enter Licence Key window.
(Located in Help/Licence menu in the Impression FX Lite version for PDF)


Show Settings window.
(Located in File/Settings menu in the Impression FX Lite version for PDF)

Check version

Check that the program is up-to-date.
(Located in Help/Check Version menu in the Impression FX Lite version for PDF)