Impression FX PRO templates

Templates are collections of customizable effects that you can apply to any of your slides or to the entire presentation. Standard templates are installed with the plugin, additional thematic effects can be installed later directly from the program.
You can change the images, logos and captions used in the themed effects with your own. In order to use the effects, you need to install the latest version of Impression FX PRO.
A quick guide to installing and using effects is here .

Standard templates

Thematic templates

Impression FX PRO allows you to install additional thematic templates directly from the program. Just click the “Install Templates” button, select the required template from the list in the window that appears and click the “Install” button. The installed template will appear in the list of available templates. To apply an effect from an installed template, just drag it with your mouse and drop to any slide.
Effects using a logo or text require a Business License to remove the watermark.


Computers and IT



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Restaurant, Food and Drinks


Fitness and Sports