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Impression FX is a tool for creating sharp and memorable presentations and slideshows from any PowerPoint or PDF document by adding transition effects between the slides of your original document.
This completely new approach to developing and visualizing effects makes it possible for you to create a vivid and memorable multimedia presentation out of a standard, lackluster document. Impression FX gives you results that no other tool can.
The source document can be either PowerPoint or PDF
More than 180 effects
An interactive presentation or a video slideshow

Presentation examples

Impression FX – your own universal solution

Impression FX is not just another program for making presentations like PowerPoint, Google Docs, or KeyNote. Impression FX works with documents that have already been created with other software and online services.

The main source format for Impression FX is PDF. This is no accident. Practically all programs and services used for the development of presentations and documents, such as PowerPoint, KeyNote, Google Docs, InDesign and many others, allow you to convert a presentation into PDF. You can use any of them to create your source presentation, and then save it as a PDF for subsequent processing in Impression FX.

Interactive presentations with Impression FX

Each presentation created with Impression FX is a separate interactive app and may be demonstrated on any Windows computer without having to install Impression FX or any other software. Just like in PowerPoint, the presentation can be controlled using your keyboard, a mouse, a touch screen, or a presenter.

During playback, all of the effects are rendered in real-time and none of them contains video fragments, so the size of the presentation, even one using a great number of slides, rarely exceeds 40-50 MB.

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A complete video in just a couple of minutes

Any presentation made with Impression FX can be converted to a video with just one click. Our unique real-time rendering system means it just takes a few minutes to create a FULL HD video, even on a slow computer.

You can then display it on any device, on your website or on YouTube.

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Impression FX PRO – simple, quick, and spectacular!

Impression FX PRO is a powerful tool to create impressive and memorable presentations and video slideshows from PDF documents. One major advantage of Impression FX PRO is effects which use additional images provided by the user. This makes it possible to create exclusive presentations in which the transitions are not just abstract effects but provide a visual, content-driven addition to the information on the slides.

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Impression FX Lite - create a presentation in just one minute!

Impression FX Lite - Impression FX Lite is a simplified version of Impression FX PRO, which allows you to create a presentation with just a few mouse clicks. The transition effects between slides are not set up for each slide individually, but for the presentation as a whole. This greatly simplifies the process, shortening the time needed to create a presentation.
You can choose which of two versions of Impression FX Lite to install depending on the format of your source documents: for PowerPoint presentations (a PowerPoint plug-in) or for PDF documents.

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Transition Examples

Using Impression FX presentations and slideshows

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Presentations for
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Create Full HD
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