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Breathe new life into your PowerPoint presentations
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Impression FX is a PowerPoint plugin for creating sharp and memorable presentations and videos from any of your PowerPoint project. In just a few minutes you can craft an impressive interactive presentation that can be used for public speeches, business meetings, touch-screen displays and exhibition stands.

Impression FX creates a presentation based on slides of the original document (which are taken as still images), adding customizable transition effects, an interactive menu for selecting slides, and easy, versatile control.

The completely new approach to developing and visualizing effects makes it possible for you to create a vivid and memorable presentation out of a standard, lackluster document. Impression FX gives you results that no other tool can.

Using Impression FX presentations

You can use presentations created with Impression FX for public speaking, customer service, exhibitions, reporting and corporate events, and for educational purposes. Every presentation you create is an omni-purpose interactive product with the built-in controls for touch equipment, stands, screens, and projectors.

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Impression FX effect libraries

Using Impression FX you create presentations based on ready-made elements: slides of the original PowerPoint project and adjustable transition effects. All effects are provided ready-made with the possibility of flexible settings and can contain images, inscriptions and logos that you can set in accordance with the design and content of each of the presentation slides. For convenience, the effects are divided into thematic libraries that can be installed at any time directly from the program.

Lite and PRO versions

Impression FX plugin is available in two versions: Lite and PRO.
Impression FX Lite is a simplified version of the plugin, focused on the simplest work and quick results. You only need to open the original PowerPoint presentation and select the appropriate template from the list of ready-made templates - the plugin will do the rest automatically.

Impression FX PRO is the main version of the plugin, a flexible and powerful tool for creating bright and memorable presentations. The PRO version provides the user with a large number of unique effect libraries. Transition effects can contain images, inscriptions and logos that you can customize to match the design and content of your presentation slides.

Interactive presentations with Impression FX

Each presentation created with Impression FX is a standalone interactive app and may be demonstrated on any Windows computer without installing PowerPoint, Impression FX or any other software. Just like in PowerPoint, the presentation can be controlled using your keyboard, a mouse, a touch screen, or a wireless presenter.

During playback, all of the effects are rendered in real-time and none of them contains video fragments, so the size of the presentation, even one using a great number of slides, rarely exceeds 100 MB.

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A complete video in just a couple of minutes

Any presentation made with Impression FX can be converted to a video with just one click. Our unique real-time rendering system means it just takes a few minutes to create a FULL HD video, even on a slow computer.

You can then display it on any device, on your website or on YouTube.

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