Frequently Asked Questions


An Impression FX presentation is a standalone multimedia application that does not require installation to be viewed. When Impression FX generates a presentation, it creates a separate folder with two files: the project file ("project name.ipp") and the IFX Player (IFXplayer.exe). To view the presentation on any Windows OS computer, all you have to do is launch the IFXplayer.exe file which will automatically play the presentation saved in the same folder. There is no need to install Impression FX or any other software.

An Impression FX presentation is created on the basis of slides (pages) of the original document between which various transition effects are added. In addition, menu and flexible slide control are built into the presentation that can be used with a keyboard, a mouse, a touch screen, or a presenter.

To view a presentation on any computer or device with Windows OS, all you need to do is copy the folder with the presentation project (.ipp) and the Player (IFXplayer.exe) and launch the Player. You do not need to install Impression FX or any other software.

You can use a keyboard, a mouse, a touch screen, or a presenter to control an Impression FX presentation. You can see all control features either on the Impression FX Presentation Control page.

You will need Windows OS 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 to use Impression FX.

Impression FX is available in two versions, Impression FX for PowerPoint and Impression FX for PDF. Each of them supports the relevant format source documents.

Impression FX PRO is the fully functional version allowing you to individually set the transition effect and slide display time for each slide. Impression FX Lite is a reduced functionality version in which the transition effects cannot be individually tailored adjusted for each slide, but only for the presentation as a whole.

Impression FX converts (rasterizes) slides of a PowerPoint presentation to images. Animation is not supported for the slides.

An Impression FX presentation is a multimedia application that is played in real time and does not contain video fragments that take up a lot of space. That is why a medium-size Impression FX presentation takes around 20-25 MB.

To install Impression FX for PowerPoint, you will need Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or newer.

In Impression FX Lite transition effects are set up for the entire presentation. You cannot set them up separately for each slide. In order to do this, you need the Impression FX PRO version.

The speed of creating a presentation depends on the CPU performance of your system. The speed of rendering a video depends mostly on video card performance (GPU).


Yes, you can use Impression FX before buying a licence, but only for non-commercial purposes. You must buy a licence to use it for commercial purposes.

Impression FX is only distributed electronically and is available for download on our website (download the trial version). You need to buy a licence to remove the limitations of the trial version. When you buy a licence, we email you a licence key that you need to enter in the program installed on your computer.

Yes, VAT is included in the price.

Your purchase is absolutely secure. All your information is coded and processed using secure servers. MyCommerce is a well-known payment processor, handling millions of secure purchases every year.

We email your licence key as soon as your payment is received. This usually takes a few minutes.

You do not need to buy a new licence when you change your operating system; simply re-enter your licence key. You need to buy a new licence when you change your computer.

You can only use your licence key on one computer.

Yes. When a new version of Impression FX is released you can install it absolutely free. The licence key will continue to work; the licence expiration date will not change.

You should enter your licence key in the program installed on your computer.
Impression FX version for PowerPoint
Click the Licence button on the right of the Impression FX control panel. Enter your licence key in the new window.
Impression FX version for PDF
Select Help/Licence from the menu. Enter your licence key in the new window.