IFX player

IFX Player is a program for playing Impression FX presentations (files with .ipp extension). When Impression FX generates a presentation it creates a separate folder with two files: the project file ( .ipp) and the IFX Player (IFXplayer.exe). To view the presentation, all you have to do is launch the IFXplayer.exe file which will automatically play the presentation saved in the same folder. To view a presentation on any Windows OS computer or device, all you need to do is copy the folder with presentation project (.ipp) and the Player (IFXplayer.exe) and start the player. There is no need to install Impression FX or any other additional software.

Easy presentation control

Impression FX presentation control is very easy and is very similar to PowerPoint presentation control. You can do it using a keyboard, a mouse, a touch screen or a presenter. Easy navigation allows moving quickly between slides even when the slides are in different parts of the presentation.
Launch a presentation and press the F1 button on your keyboard to see all control features.

Read more about presentation control

Multi-monitor configurations

If an Impression FX presentation is played on a computer that is connected to several monitors, IFX Player allows the user to select the monitor (monitors) on which the presentation will be shown.

Play settings for an Impression FX presentation

IFX Player has two starting modes.

1. Basic (automatic) mode
If there is an Impression FX presentation (file with extension .ipp) in the same folder as the IFX Player, upon launch the Player will automatically start the presentation with the following settings:
  • The presentation is played in a full screen mode
  • If two monitors are connected to the computer, the presentation will start on the second monitor.

2. Adjustable mode
To change the play settings, copy the IFX Player to another folder that has no Impression FX presentations (files with .ipp extension) and launch it. A settings window will appear when you launch the IFX Player.

To start a presentation with the right settings you need to:
  • Select the presentation file using the Open button
  • Set the right values in the Video Settings tab
  • Start the presentation using the Show button in the Presentation tab.

System requirements

Программные требования:
Windows OS 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 is required to launch the IFX Player.

Hardware requirements:
DirectX 9-supported video card is required to launch the IFX Player.
Intel HD 4000 or higher video card is recommended.