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Impression FX Lite
plugin for
March 19, 2018 (146 Mbytes)
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Windows OS,
PowerPoint 2010 or newer required
Impression FX Lite
March 19, 2018 (160 Mbytes)
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Windows OS required
Impression FX PRO
March 19, 2018 (191 Mbytes)
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Windows OS required
Each presentation created using Impression FX is a stand-alone application, which can be displayed on any computer with a Windows operating system WITHOUT installing Impression FX or any other additional programs. When Impression FX generates a presentation it creates a separate folder with the same name as the original presentation on your Desktop. To view a presentation on any Windows OS computer or device, all you need to do is copy the folder and start the player.

Presentations created using a free trial version bear a small watermark and can be used for non-commercial purposes only. For commercial purposes please purchase the license and enter your licence key to remove the watermark.

What you get Impression FX Lite Impression FX PRO
interactive presentations
video presentations FULL HD (1080p) FULL HD (1080p)
number of effect sets 23 28
effect color settings
adjusting transition effects for entire presentation only for each slide
transition effects that use
additional images
transition effect preview

Brief installation instructions:

1. Download the installer for the version of Impression FX you need by clicking on the Free Download button. The download should take just a few minutes.

2. Launch the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. During installation, your antivirus protection or Windows Security settings may display a warning about running an unrecognized program. Click to confirm your consent to the installation. If your antivirus software does not allow the install to continue, please temporarily disable it.

3. When installing Impression FX PRO or Lite for PDF, once installation is complete the list of programs installed on your computer (click Start/All Programs) will include the Impression FX catalog with the program shortcut. When installing Impression FX Lite for PowerPoint, once installation is complete the upper ribbon in PowerPoint will show the Impression FX insert, and clicking on this will open the program menu.

If you have any questions please email them to or ask them in our Facebook and VKontakte groups.